about us


XK Global Trade SA (XKGT) is a progressive international commodity trader and marketer, with an emphasis on bulk Minerals (Iron Ore and Silica Sand), Energy (Coal and BioMass) and Industrial Materials (Ferro Nickel slag, Pyrites and Limestone). As a total service commodity trader, we act for both the supply source, as well as the purchase and procurement side of any transaction. In addition to this, we also provide mining support, shipping, and transportation logistics – assisting the marketing, purchase and distribution of associated mineral commodities in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. As well as our core products, we are also active in the procurement and supply of various other minerals and raw material commodities, including Perlite and Bentonite.

XKGT has representative operational bases in Europe and the Pacific, with its corporate and registered offices in Majuro. We have fast become recognised as a market innovator in our areas of expertise; commodity procurement through strategic partnerships, logistic management, and commodity origination. We maintain extensive relations worldwide with market leaders and newer developing companies in the mining and energy industries, including both governmental and the private sector. Our track record pre-dates the formation of XKGT, with a rich history spanning decades in the business of commodity trading and shipping through our original component Companies. Since the merging of interests, XKGT has evolved into a truly global operation with activities spanning all continents. As a company we are consistently locating and developing new and dynamic commodity sources and bringing these new supplies to market.


XKGT’s continuing objective remains to develop and establish significant new resources and product supply for the benefit of our customers – further increasing our prospective inventory portfolio and reliable supply capability. We are committed to providing a superior professional transaction for the procurement, trade and delivery of our products.

Our role remains as a reliable, competitive and dynamic partner to business in the sectors which we serve and to support these businesses as they expand and develop. Understanding and managing all aspects of trade together with our strong relationship with a leading shipping company, ensures our “end-user” customers a professional CFR delivered commodity experience. Similarly, the same applies for our “supply-side” clients, where we can provide reliable off-take agreements and contracts for mines and producers, collecting their cargoes and giving smooth and efficient FOB transactions.


XKGT operates in areas where we establish a clear competitive advantage to benefit our customers. We maintain a level of focus that ensures our position as innovators and leaders in our chosen business areas. At XKGT we believe in ‘real partnerships’ with our clients, relationships that create and benefit stable business operations, scalability, growth and most importantly, trust. Our operations tightly integrate these supply and logistic chains of our businesses in order to foresee, control, and manage operational risk. We maintain strong banking relationships with first class international banks. Our company DNA reflects our policy of innovation, reliability, and performance. Sustainable profitability is the foundation of our growth.