ferro nickel slag

Ferro Nickel Slag (also known as electric arc furnace slag) is a multi-purpose industrial component. It is currently used in the building and construction industries throughout the world, as well an additional additive for cement, clinker and road works, where it is an excellent performing product.

Our slag has high FeO and SiO2 contents, which after a very simple treatment of washing and sizing, makes it extremely suitable for industrial sandblasting. It is a key element used in building materials and road construction, and a suitable material for many varied industrial applications, with limited environmental impact.

The physical properties can be characterized as adding hardness, strength and specific weight.

XKGT has slag available for all such purposes and can supply CFR in bulk shipments from 5,000 to 30,000 mts to all European, Mediterranean, MENA and Atlantic destinations.


general specifications of Ferro Nickel Slag are:

Chemical Typical analysis
Al2O3 7.78
CaO 1.98
Cr2O3 3.68
FeO 32.65
MgO 6.72
MnO 0.46
SiO2 42.59
NiO 0.18
Moisture (Free Moisture
Loss at 105 degrees C)
6% MAX