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From our exclusive Iron Ore mines in Central America, we have estimated current mineable reserves of high grade magnetite iron ore Fe 62/64% in the region of 25-30,000,000 metric tons. The low overburden and readily accessible ore allows XKGT a globally competitive per unit production cost. The ore is processed, crushed, screened and stored at the mine site and in the warehouse yards within close proximity of the export terminals, allowing us a regular and reliable feed supply of iron ore fines and lumps within 10- 65mm. Current production is 500-600,000 mts p.a for 2013/14, with additional equipment and production lines coming on-stream in the latter half of 2014, production is set to double to 1.2 million tons p.a, and increase again by 2015/16 to 1.8 million metric tons p.a.

The mines are fully certified and hold all valid export permits and licenses.

With only a small percentage  of the total mine area surveyed, it is reasonable to expect that the estimated reserves will “increase significantly” as further drill tests are undertaken and surveys performed.

Due to current logistic restrictions, our export shipment sizes are 55,000/75,000 mts however it is envisaged with the improved production capacity and additional storage, shipments in 90/100,000 mts post-panamax and/or mini-capesize should become feasible by 2014/15.

standard basis 62.5% Fe specifications are:

Fe 62.5% basis rejection below 61.0%
SiO2 Maximum 4.00%
P Maximum 0.10%
Al2O3 Maximum 2.00%
S Maximum 0.10%
FeO Maximum 20.0%
CaO Maximum 0.02%
MgO Maximum 0.10%
Size 10 – 65 mm 90%
Moisture Maximum 8% (Free Moisture Loss at 105 degrees C)